Section 02 – Group Profile

To clarify our relationship, I (Gordon Dunnet) started in Sep 2017 to investigate earthquake damage of oil storage tanks because the pre-1960s original design codes for oil storage tanks didn’t require earthquake load design. I knew the Burnaby Terminal 1953 tanks would definitely be a seismic risk, yet Kinder Morgan’s 2013 TMEP Application to the NEB documents (Vol 4A & 7) completely ignored all of the existing tanks. One internet search for ‘earthquake damage oil storage tanks’ started this investigation. All structural engineering statements on this website are my opinions alone, based on my 43 years structural design experience including 13 years as a principal of a Burnaby Consulting Engineering firm.

Dr. John Clague, David Huntley, both Professors Emeritus at Simon Fraser University, and I joined together to meet with local politicians, the City of Burnaby and Simon Fraser University to make them aware of my September 2018 Report on the potentially serious risk of 1953 oil storage tank failure in a present code level (magnitude 7+) earthquake. Dr. Clague would discuss the seismicity of the Burnaby Tank Farm Site and David Huntley’s advocacy, knowledge and concern to make the public aware of correct, accurate information on Trans Mountain’s Expansion Project. We also learned about the issues they faced with the Tank Farm.

Karl Perrin joined us in March 2019 after our meetings with Terry Beech, the City of Burnaby and SFU. As a resident of UniverCity and Spokesperson for B.R.O.K.E., he was meeting with the same parties.

We met with Svend Robinson, NDP Candidate for the Federal Riding that includes Burnaby, SFU, UniverCity and the Trans Mountain Tank Farm. Svend organized a press conference to bring our concerns with the Existing Tank Farm to the attention of the public. We also brought my concerns with Kinder Morgan’s decision to keep the 1953 Tanks in operation in the Expansion of the Burnaby Tank Farm.


Gordon L Dunnet, PEng Retired – Structural Engineer

Bachelor App Science – UBC 1969

STRUCTURAL EXPERIENCE: 43 Years, 13 Years as a Principal of Pomeroy Consulting Engineers.

AUSENCO – 2012 (on loan), 2013 (contract): Review Eng & Designer- Coquitlam Water Treatment, Designer – Mica Dam Generator #5 Control ‘Room’; Designer – Quesnel Pulp Mill – New Chloride Process Bldg.

BUCKLAND & TAYLOR: 2012 (on loan): Review Eng – Overpasses South Fraser Hwy Connector.

GENIVAR: 2009 – 2012: Fort Nelson Community Centre – Ice Arenas, Multipurpose, Aquatic Centre, Curling Roof Strengthen. (Genivar purchased Pomeroy in Dec 2008)


  • Secondary Schools: J L Crowe (Trail); Bryne Creek (Burnaby); Maple Ridge (M. Ridge); Garibaldi inc. Seismic Upgrade (M. Ridge); Pinetree with Rec Centre (Coquitlam); Gleneagle (Coquitlam); Riverside (Coquitlam); Citadel (Coquitlam); Johnston Heights (Surrey); Aspen Park Middle(Comox); Ecole Phoenix Science Add (Campbell River); Southgate Middle Add. (Campbell River)….
  • Recreation Centres: Guilford Centre (Surrey), Port Moody incl arena, Reviewer Gymnasium Bldg. (Pt. Moody), Bill Copeland Arena Foundations (Burnaby), Comox Valley Pool (Comox), Chilliwack Landing Pool (Design Build) (Chilliwack), Matsqui Civic Centre (Abbotsford), Canada Games Pool Mech Upgrade (New Westminster), Williams Lake & Golden Arenas. Victoria Save-On Arena Reviewer: Seismic Design
  • Colleges: College of the Rockies, (Cranbrook) Science and Shops Building. North Peace College and Secondary School (Ft. St. John), Thomas Haney Centre and Douglas College (Maple Ridge)
  • Police and Library: Port Moody Police Sta, Abbotsford Police Sta, Clearbrook Library (Abbotsford)
  • Industrial: Scott Paper (New Westminster) Review & Upgrade # 2 & 3 Paper Machine Building Existing Roof Trusses, Yankee Dryer Removal/Replacement, Review/Redesign Conveyors #2 Paper Machine, Rebuild Log Haul Structure, various other; Weldwood Plywood Mill (Quesnel); Shell Oil (Burnaby); Prince Rupert Oil Tank Farm – Site Prep for Foundations; West Fraser Lumber Mill – Roof; Scott Paper: Bridge Crane Supports.
  • Community Care: George Derby Centre Addition (Burnaby); Kiwanis Care Centre (N. Vancouver) Review Eng & Constr. Review; Campbell River Hospital Seismic Upgrade Plan.
  • Highway Bridges: Wildhorse Creek Bridge (Kootenay Dist); Load Rating Multiple Bridges (Kootenay District); 2 Forestry Bridges.
  • Specifications & Structural General Notes: Revising & Updating General Notes for every new edition of BC Building Code. Revised Steel Pipe Piling Specification. Passed BC Code Exam.

SANDWELL: 1984 – 1985: Port Alice Pulp Mill Conveyor Structure; Sandwell Conveyor Design Standard.

REID CROWTHER: 1983 – 1984: Expo Skytrain Line – 22nd Street Station (Burnaby), New Westminster Station (8th Ave – Layout, New Westminster)


Port Mellon Pulp Mill: Bleach Plant Corrosion Inspection & Shoring; New Induction Fan/Structural Tuning; Pressure Vessel Review; Dryer Truss Inspection, Pedestrian Bridge on Site; Major Highway Bridge: Carnes Creek Bridge (N. of Revelstoke) – Superstr Design & Substr Review; Finning Tractor Bldg (Nanaimo); Scott Paper Mill – various jobs; Norelco Cranes.


Robson Square Blocks 51 & 61 (Designer: Building Foundations, 2 Lower Floor Structure, Building Columns, Floor Plank Structure Upper Levels, Support Planks for Roof Landscape, Robson Street Bridge Structure. (Vancouver); Kinesiology Building, SFU (Burnaby); Burnaby City Hall West Bldg; ICBC Buildings (Various Sites).

R. McLelland (Whistler & Cypress Mt. Chair Lifts); H A Simons (Pulp Mills in Ft. Francis, Ontario and McKenzie, BC.

Dr. John Clague, Emeritus Professor, Department of Earth Science, Simon Fraser University (SFU).

  • ACADEMIC BACKGROUND: Occidental College (BA), University of California Berkeley (MA), University of British Columbia (PhD).
  • WORK EXPERIENCE: 1975 – 1998 – Research Scientist, Geological Survey of Canada. 1998 – Retirement: SFU Faculty Department of Earth Sciences.
  • COMMITTEES, DIRECTORSHIPS: Former Director of the Centre for Natural Hazard Research at SFU; Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada; Former President of the Geological Association of Canada; Past-President of the International Union for Quaternary Research: Past-President of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (APEGBC), now EG BC.
  • AWARDS: Geological Society of America Burwell Award; Royal Society of Canada Bancroft Award; APEGBC Innovation Editorial Board Award, Geological Association of Canada’s (GAC) E.R.W Neale Medal; GAC’s Logan Medal and Ambrose Medal. 2007-2008 Richard Jahns Distinguished Lecturer for the Geological Society of America and Association of Environmental and Engineering Geology; Honorary PhD University of Waterloo in 2017.
  • PROFESSIONAL INTERESTS: Natural hazards, including earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, floods, and climate change.

David Huntley, Emeritus Professor, Department of Physics, Simon Fraser University

David J. Huntley
B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc. Engineering Physics, UBC, 1953-1959.
Doctoral studies, Oxford, completed 1963.
Atomic Energy of Canada, Assistant Research Officer, 1963-1965.
Simon Fraser University physics faculty, 1965-present, now Professor Emeritus.Research web site

Since the 2013 application for the Trans Mountain Expansion, I have spoken and intervened in attempts to have correct information publicized and introduced to the hearings, concentrating on tanker traffic at the Westridge Marine Terminal and the oil storage tanks at the Burnaby Mountain Terminal. These have been prompted by my aversion to false statements by the proponent and public officials, and to the facts that I live directly above the oil tanker terminal and that I spend a significant amount of my time at Simon Fraser University; both are in the danger zone if one or more  storage tanks are on fire.

Karl Perrin – Spokesperson for B.R.O.K.E.

My wife Ann and I live in UniverCity, one km above the Trans Mountain Tank Farm. Ann has had severe respiratory reactions to smoke and to oil based fragrances in general. So the inevitable fire from the 1953 floating roof tanks in an earthquake would probably kill her.  

But we’re not moving – we’re fighting.  The TMEP new tanks alongside the fragile 1953 tanks, would be like pouring gasoline onto a fire. If we have a serious earthquake, 30,000 of us could be trapped above the fire with no escape route. Many of us will be traumatized, some permanently injured and some of us could die. Having accurate information on the existing tank farm seismic risk is the necessary first step to stopping this time bomb, and Gordon Dunnet, along with other experts, has provided the facts we need to stop it. And we will stop it.

Karl Perrin, a spokesperson for BROKE: Burnaby Residents Opposing Kinder Morgan Expansion